Oostpool - Baby Crazy


We made a few trailers for Oostpool Theater’s new tragicomedy ‘Baby Crazy’ about the power of new life and the fear of change. There’s a lot of shit to think about, actually.


Creation: Kasper Tarenskeen
Account: Thijs Toonen
Production company: rubenpaulruben
Director: rubenpaulruben
Producer: Oostpool & rubenpaulruben
PA: Denzel Blijd
Cinematographer: Youp Kruijsdijk
Gaffer: Marc Roodhart
Sound: Richard Wilder
MUA/Styling: Estefania ter Heerdt
Post: rubenpaulruben
Talents: Denzel Goudmijn, Emma Pelchmans, Thomas Hoppener, Tim Linde, Nadia Babke