We are rubenpaulruben.
A creative production house.

A bunch of amateurs*

Ever heard of creative film production house ‘Faber – Roest – Van Duijn’? Chances are you haven’t. That name though would have been a far more professional name for our company. Not the adolescent numbskullery we got going for ourselves right now. Which, as you’ve probably guessed, is exactly the point we’re trying to make here.

That creating film… any film… (be it in the form of:
• a (fake) documentary
• your brand’s social content
• an offbeat registration of anything (interview, art show, sports event…)
• a series of smart animated gifs
• a low-budget music video disguised as one with an insane production value
• a serious-budget music video disguised as one made by a drunk toddler with a VHS camera
• a ‘regular’ tv commercial
• or any short or, at some point maybe even, feature film)
…is what we love more than anything in the world).

We love coming up with a treatment you didn’t see coming… we love figuring out how to do that one shot guaranteed to raise some eyebrows… we love clearing our schedule to make time for an explanatory film to skyrocket your world changing idea… we love making producing the hell out of your otherwise impossible brief… and we can’t help but getting totally Rain Man on the tiniest details when we do a commission we originally took on solely for the purpose of taking all your money to put our kids through college.

We guess you can say we enjoy ‘making it personal’.

Wanna make something special? Give us a call.

With love,

¹ French: amateur “one who loves, lover” (16th century, restored from Old French ‘ameour’), Latin: amatorem (nominative amator) “lover, friend,” agent noun from ‘amatus’, past participle of ‘amare’ “to love”.