4B2M - This is happening (part 1)


Together with 4B2M we made this mockumentary. Your biggest hit is always still coming. ‘To be = becoming. And we’ll become the best, ergo we are the best. Do you still follow?’ – Quote Goldband. While the band name, as they say, may sound like a designer drug, it actually stands for: four brothers, two mothers.


Creation: 4B2M & rubenpaulruben
Production company: rubenpaulruben
Director: rubenpaulruben
Producer: Cas Hieltjes & rubenpaulruben
Cinematographer: rubenpaulruben & Peter Krijgsman
With footage from: JVDP.TV
Post: rubenpaulruben & Stephen Kearney
Talents: Cas Hieltjes, Teun Hieltjes, Rocco Hueting & Jimmi Hueting