Mauritshuis - Beluister het Mauritshuis met je oren (Spinvis)


Episode 1 – Look at the Mauritshuis with your ears. There’s a lot of stories hidden behind paintings. Artist Spinvis has chosen a painting from the Mauritshuis to write a song about. He choose: ‘The girl with the pearl earring’ by Johannes Vermeer. We made a film about it. ‘Like you’re singing to God, or something’. – Quote Spinvis.


Artist: Spinvis
Agency: Natwerk
Creation: Rufus Ketting, Djajant Hanenberg & Kris Spapé
Director: rubenpaulruben
Production company: rubenpaulruben
RTV Producer: Kitty Slagter
Cinematographer: Youp Kruijsdijk
Sound: Sjoerd Kats
PA: Tim Benschop
Post: rubenpaulruben
Talents: Geert-jan en Spinvis
Music: Spinvis