Griekenland - Gkazas


Beekeeper Georgios Kriaras took us on a trip to his beloved hives on the beautiful island of Crete. Together with Gkazas Olive oil we produced a few portraits in Greece. This portrait shows beekeeper Georgios’ way of life. ‘You calm down, because it’s a world where you can see how it works. Who’s the boss, who’s the worker, who’s the one and the other. And you think to yourself, why don’t people work that way?’


Creation// Gkazas & rubenpaulruben
Strategy// Floris Reurts & Daniel Koster
Production company// rubenpaulruben
Director// rubenpaulruben
Producer// Floris Reurts & rubenpaulruben
Cinematographer// rubenpaulruben & Jurre Rompa
Post// rubenpaulruben & Tim Benschop