Dream of a night in Mexico - Abramo Abramo


When we heard the song we immediately knew it needed a MusicVideo! Luckily @abramo_abramo_music was thinking the same thing. We wrote a treatment and got to work! The song screamed 16mm film so we were lucky to team up with DOP @simonlesmaitres who got some great help from @peterkrijgsman during the shoot. As a location we decided to go for the beautiful balearic island Mallorca. We got in contact with @itsislandflowwho helped us out with locations and some great inside information. We also got some great production help and the occasional life lesson from @sjorsschoppen.

Back in Amsterdam the video got edited by @davy__le and the VFX and grading were done @thepostoffice_amstdam

We couldn’t have done it without all of you so many, many thanks! The only thing left to say is: Enjoy!


Creation// rubenpaulruben
Production company// rubenpaulruben
Director// rubenpaulruben
Producer// Djoeke Gijs x rubenpaulruben
Cinematographer// Simon Meesters
AC// Peter Krijgsman
Fixer// Florien van Vliet
PA// Sjors Schoppen
Edit// Davy Le
VFX// Post Office
Grading// Post Office
Music// Abramo Abramo
Talents// Abramo Abramo