VPRO ident - VPRO


The shortest movie we ever made; 3,5 seconds intro and 3,5 seconds outro. For VPRO’s 100th anniversary they asked Streetart Frankey and 9 more artists to shape their Idents. He got a carte blanche with three conditions: the length, the composition of the music and the visibility of the logo. Inspired by Sjef van Oekel’s comics (Theo van den Boogaard & Win T. Schippers) we created our own chain reaction crash! Keep your eyes on the screen, because those three seconds are over before you know it! Did you miss it? No problem, it’ll be on television for the next ten years.


Creation// Frankey
Director// rubenpaulruben
Producer// Kitty Slagter
Cinematographer// Youp Kruijsdijk
DOP making of// Peter Balm
ART/GRIP// Hans Broers
Edit// rubenpaulruben
Edit making of// Peter Balm
VFX & Grading// De Grot
Animation making of// Sjoerd Jones
Talents// Frank de Ruwe